Harbour City II

Today, some friends took me out to the Elbphilharmonie to make some images. A beautiful, icy-cold and bright winter-day persuaded me quickly to join them. We were not alone. That is actually the reason why there are only a handful of pics in here today, there are quite some more nice images on my hard-drive, but they usually have some person who is tack-sharp in the frame and I shy away from publishing pictures of strangers that I haven’t asked for their image.

Museum of Ethnology

I’ve wanted to go there for quite some time now, so after having visited Hagenbecks, I went straight to the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg, stopping just once for a large caffe latte. It’s a rather amazing place where they try to embed their exhibits in an informative context. Here are some impressions. I tried to only show exhibits that seem to be too old to have a copyright. I will gladly take any image down that violates any copyright. Enjoy!

Mysterious attic

Some days ago at work, we noticed that our attic has some mysterious spots and places where some of the natural occurring trash seems to have found a new order. Nicely placed under the windows or in a corner there are agglomerations of tidbits, gimcrackery, paintings, dust and ostensibly artfully assembled arrangements of artificial flowers, books and other trifles. If not for fairies, leprechauns or divine intervention, we seem to house a tongue-in-cheek artistic community that is bereft of a need for audience. Well, no longer. Enjoy!


Prototype Museum

Today, my brother, my nephew and I went to the Prototype Museum in Hamburg, where no touching and no flashing of the cars is allowed. It’s a shame. At least they should disallow the other tourists to stand in the frame I want to shoot.

I like wishful thinking for what it’s worth (not a lot), so I could almost exclusively resort to details. In black and white. Highly post-processed. Here they are, enjoy!

Ice-breaker „Stettin“

Here is a small photo essay about the „Eisbrecher Stettin“ the oldest coal-powered ship still working. It is run by a public charity that keeps it up-and-running. At least once a year for the harbour birthday they polish it up even more, because it takes part in the celebration. Here are some images that capture the raw spirit of this eighty-three-year old quaint boat, which acquired the status of a technical monument in 1982.

More info on the boats and the charity can be found here.