School partnership with a Tanzanian Secondary School

This blog post is different from others in that it explicitly promotes the school partnership between Blankenese, Germany and Lupila, Tansania. The images hopefully give some impressions of our partnership and maybe if you have either time or money (or both), you might consider volunteering, be it at church, at school or by donating to one of the more respectable agencies.
Our school partnership has a long tradition. Having started in 1990 I have participated only in the last six years but I already feel like I am part of a community. This year I was there on my fourth trip which was all about finding a new direction of how our two schools should work together. In the process, though, we could witness how donation money was well-spent on an assembly- and dining-hall and how large NGOs like UNIDO help less-developed regions gain a lot of independence by building a large hydroelectric power-plant. Some of these efforts and successes came about by church and school partnerships, but mainly by the villagers of Lupila, who are characterized by determined teachers, pastors, accountants and a populace which supports ideas and projects with a lot of volunteer work.