People and Stories

Travelling through a foreign country is nice, even if it’s only for the scenery. The most important aspect of going abroad is to meet new people, though, people with their different stories, backgrounds, wishes and goals. It is those encounters that shape my view of a country and make the journey worthwhile. Here you will find some people from a school in Tanzania that I work with in a partnership. That remote village in Tanzania is well-connected, though, because of the huge amount of work done by the Lutheran Church and partnerships in Germany. Asking the students about their dreams and wishes, you learn that they are all yearning for playing their part in society: doctors, lawyers, policemen, teachers.

Along the way you meet the guest-house owners, volunteers and the wonderful chefs. Great people from all over the world.

In other parts you find street-vendors, young and old, doing business, but their wishes and dreams? I do not know yet, though I have some ideas. In the lodges you and the driver can find some rest and the owners will fascinate you with their heritage between Europe and Africa, a rich and uneasy past, at times.

I cannot tell all the stories here, but maybe the faces spark your imagination.

Stay safe.

People and Stories
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