Madeira in orange and teal

Now I recently went to Madeira, being tipped off that it is a rather splendid whale-watching spot. So I went and it is!

But this post is not about aquatic placental marine mammals or cetaceans for short. It is about trying a different ‘vibe’ for my images. Whereas I usually try to edit my images for colour-accuracy and technical perfection, I went for a strong look and chose images I wouldn’t have normally picked, images that lend themselves more to this kind of colour-grading.

While in Madeira, I visited the hilly and rocky countryside, which still is exploding with flora. The small towns are just amazingly cozy with good down-to-earth food and great coffee (which is a huge plus for me). Coming back after an amazing week, I gave some images a more vacationy, happy feel, so here they are, showing Madeira in sunny orange’n’teal.



Madeira in orange and teal
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