M. Zuiko 12-40, 2,8, pro

My newest lens arrived, the fabulous M. Zuiko 12-40, 2,8 pro. This beast made of glass seemingly turns the advantages of the 4/3rd system upside down, as it heftily unbalances my tiny E-PL3, but makes photography so much more fun.

I used it immediately to capture early autumn colours, which came out in a vibrant and tack-sharp way. – Actually the last bit is probably not true, as I used HDR, which comes with a lot of ghosting in the twigs and branches of trees, so absolute sharpness is not yet there. But I’m getting there, and more and more I am trying to hone my technical skills in order to arrive at sharp images.

My next goal will probably be to remember to set auto-stabilization to off when using my tripod, so … I’ve got a lot to learn.

Botanischer Garten Herbst