Today I went to see how spring is doing at the Loki-Schmidt-Garden in Hamburg. It’s coming along nicely, though I cannot say that I had any specific artistic imagery in mind. Anyway, I went rather midday, so the light was quite harsh, which confined me to photographing flowers in the shade most of the time. So the flowers come first.

Of course I tried to catch some more images, and maybe more interesting ones as composition goes. You can decide for yourself.

Along the way, I met two charming photographers, Klaus and Marion, we talked about good spots for pictures in Hamburg, so I think the Harbour-Museum is going to be next on my list. All the best to you, btw.

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  • 14. April 2016 um 19:10

    Hi Torsten,
    this is a very cool blog. Especially your black & White photos are inspiring, I will try this myslef by chance.
    The photos we took in the Loki Schmidt garden are sometime surprisingly similar to yours (-;
    If you answer by mail, I can send you a link with some of our photos.
    Hope to see you again, maybe on one of the next photo-safaris.
    All the best
    Marion & Claus

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