Fog over Hamburg

Sometimes, things just fall into place.

I wanted to go shoot some images of the sunrise near the harbour. Shooting sunrise is difficult for me, quite simply because even though I don’t get up very late, I’m not a natural early bird.

On this particular day, I met with a friend, which made things easier. We started out at “Landungsbrücken” to shoot the Elbphilharmonie, a modern classic. The sunrise itself was nothing special really and our viewing point brought many distractions into the frame, so I wasn’t impressed. I managed to get one long-exposure, which I thought was quite urban and moody, though.

sunrise “over” the Elbphilharmonie

You can already see that the fog is closing in on us here, minutes later, all you could see was white, so we decided on having a coffee…. but inspiration struck us and I mentioned that I had never been up in our main church, St. Michaelis, the “Michel”. So had a coffee and a quick bite and went over to the Michel, which is a short walk from our vantage point. The lady at the reception told us that because of the white-out it wouldn’t make much sense going up, but we did that anyway.

On top we were greeted with sun and blue skies and nice temperatures around 20 Celsius. But the most amazing thing was that the fog went up almost to where we were, giving a fantastic separation between fog and sky and all the hallmarks of Hamburg stuck their heads out of the white. All in all, we spent some two hours there, taking images and enjoying the amazing views and weather. The images hopefully speak for themselves. 

a view in a westerly direction. Dancing towers to the left, Telemichel to the right.

I like the quality of the colors and the almost abstract visuals. Some of the images give almost no hint at to what you actually see.

smoke coming from the coal-power-plant Moorburg

I think, this image has a metaphorical quality to it, as Matisse said

Derive happiness in oneself from a good day’s work, from illuminating the fog that surrounds us. 

Henri Matisse

Even if some things are visible that everyone from Hamburg will be able to identify, these images are almost undecodeable for people from other places.

a view to the south: the container terminal, my secret skyline of Hamburg

If the view includes another church, the image opens a door to understanding the power of sacred places.

churches and the Elphi

I leave you with a last image with a nice composition, including our concert-hall and our glorious sun. I hope you enjoyed this one!

sun over brooding fog
Fog over Hamburg
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