I recently went on holiday in the United States for the very first time – the plan was to go to New York, spend a few nights there and then roadtrip through Texas (of all places). It all went fine and I made some amazing experiences and met quite a few nice people along the way. After quite a flight – the greatest deterrent for me to go the states ever again – I arrived at the hotel in Brooklyn, only a measly one hour drive away from downton Manhattan. Being there for the first time, I was intrigued by the slightly run-down nature of Brookln, at least compared to most of the places I have lived up to now.

a view from the Sheepshead Bay station of the Q train

But the nice thing about Brooklyn is that it is filled to the brim with small shops, markets and a huge Russian community that is reflected in the language of advertising that you see all around. There are also many Russian-orthodox churches around, which I did not expect at all.

And of course you can get everything from fine-dining to the ever-pervasive fast-food diners. This one was trans-fat-free!

the RollnRoaster diner

As Brooklyn is located next to the Ocean, there are great beaches with free-to-use tables and chairs, so that many families just go there for a picnic, a barbeque or just to play some outdoor games.

Brooklyn Beach

Even more to the west of Brooklyn there is Coney Island beach with the Luna Park fun fair. A great experience for the family, especially as the park seems to be situated in an “authentic” NY neighbourhood.

Welcome to Coney Island

The entrance to Luna Park is quite well-known from photographs, here is my recreation of an image I saw near the entrance to the park, if I remember correctly.

The park is quite old now and it looks its age, though during the weekends it is said to be full of people enjoying the rides and food from food trucks and the like.


When you go through the park you arrive at the beach, where more fun, food and communality can be found.

the flavor of New York

But I had to go back as I was knackered from the flight and a full day of walking on foot. Near the station I found a picture opportunity that for me sums up Brooklyn. The slight tackiness, the down-to-earthness, the food and the rusticness. That’s why it’s the leading image for the article.

America runs on Dunkin’

On my way back to the hotel I shot this image through the station onto the fun-fair. Thanks Brooklyn and I hope you enjoyed these images!

Coney Island station
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