mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Tierpark Hagenbeck

Back again at Hagenbeck’s Tierpark, there was quite a commotion because of four new Siberian tiger babies that even CNN cared to talk about. As I’m free at the moment, I could take the time to stand outside their compound for hours just to take some pictures. Perhaps interestingly, this caused me so much backpain that I had to have my vertebrae reset. Oh well. I think it’s not much compared to the attention the kittens had to endure. Apart from that I made friends with some other photographers there who I went with, which was a good amount of fun and some very expensive equipment got wheeled around between the three of us. But more on that later. First, it’s tiger-cuteness-galore. Enjoy.

All images with kind permission of “Tierpark und Tropenaquarium Hagenbeck”.

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