A walk through the docks

Some time ago, I went to Hamburg’s Docklands on a grey Sunday afternoon just to get some images. Dreary and drab I did not expect anything much and soon realized that the selection could only be finished in black and white – there were almost no colors there anyway.

But the harbour always puts some old-timey technology into the frame and sometimes it can even be used as a frame itself.


The Dockland building itself is an office-building, which alludes to cruise-ships and can be called a landmark of Hamburg. Its rooftop terrace is open to the public and can be accessed via a good number of steps.

the Dockland building

From the top you can get nice shots over the harbour or simply of cruiseships. It’s a popular building for nighttime and sunset photography. I guess its popularity stems from its symmetry-asymmetry properties: symmetrical from the front, asymmetrical from its side.

view from the top

Leaving the docklands, I couldn’t stop myself from taking another crane-shot.

looking back

I hope there was something enjoyable in here!

A walk through the docks
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